The Cubit,The 2012 Trilogy I

by Peter Galarneau Jr.
Published: February 2008
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For Every Good There Is Evil

It all began in 2007 with a thumb in the air. A young hitchhiker, just trying to make it home after dropping out of college, accepts a ride from a man who would change his life and the world’s future.

The driver is Christopher Cower. The Cubit, which he took from its protected altar, hums with the hidden power to change those who might come in contact with it…to change them into everything bad, everything evil—the dark side of humanity. After all, that’s why the simple-looking crate had been guarded for centuries. It had changed the Maya, the Anasazi, and now, because of Cower, it would control a much larger population…a world set for the great Reckoning in the final month of 2012.

The Cubit speaks to the growing influence that Evil has on this Earth. It’s crazy out there. Good people have turned bad. Some things just don’t make sense anymore. It’s because those in power are not acting in your best interests. After all, they’ve been cubited. And you can’t tell the difference between what they were and what they’ve become. It’s all a part of the plan—one created before man existed.

The Cubit introduces you to the heroes and heroines, to innocence and ignorance, to faith, fear and fortitude and it will take all of the above to survive the End of Days, one predicted by Revelation, the Hopi, the Ancient Maya and the Book of the Djed.
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